Rachel Barry 

Lic Ac, Dip Ac (Nanjing) Dip NST (Nutritional Science)
Dip TCM OB/GYN Dip CHM (Chinese Herbal Medicine)

Welcome to Harmony Acupuncture 

My goal is to become one of the best and the most effective Natural Medicine Practitioners in Europe by marrying the best of Eastern and Western Medicine.  With regard to Natural Fertility, I am the middle ground between your GP and an Assisted Fertility Clinic. 

My career has been a game to two halves – I spent the first 12 years in International Data Storage Sales where I travelled all over Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, US and Africa. 

I lived out of suitcases and planes, and loved it for many years.  But as time went on, I wanted something more fulfilling, so I started my Acupuncture journey in 2008. 

I gained my Diploma from the Acupuncture Foundation in Dublin in 2012 and in Oct trained at the World Health Organization Collaborative (WHO) Training University in Nanjing and was awarded my Licentiate Diploma.

Also in 2012 I started my Diploma in Nutritional Science and graduated in 2015.  This led me into the Functional Medicine Space and membership of the Institute of Functional Medicine.  In 2017 I attended the AFMCP Applied Functional Medicine Certificate Programme in London and have been working my way through the IFM Modules ever since.  My training has been ongoing from the top Functional Medicine practitioners including Jeffery Bland, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Bob Roundtree, Datis Kharrazian, Liz Lipski and Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

From 2012 to 2015 I did many Fertility Acupuncture courses and trained with Jane Littleton (Austrialia) and Deborah Betts (UK).  In 2017 I trained with Dr Trevor Wing (www.womensnaturalhealthclinic.com), and it was a complete game changer.  My fertility successes went through the roof.  In 2019 I resat the course for the second time and sat the exam and attained his Dip TCM OB/GYN.  Also in 2019 I started a Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine and graduated in June 2021.

My focus is two fold, to continue and improve my fertility track record and get more woman pregnant with healthy babies and also to improve Chronic Illness by getting to the root causes via detailed questionnaires and Bioressonance Body Scan Technology.

Bioressonance can establish microbiological biocenosis, identify presence of toxic products in the body, including heavy metals, pH allergens and many other parameters that are to find the best possible holistic healing methods for a patient.

I am a registered member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA) in Ireland and the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA), Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI), Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) USA, and the Association of Chinese Herbalists in Ireland (ACHI).


What We Do For You

The Harmony Clinic takes a holistic approach to health. We use acupuncture to bring your body and mind back into balance, to remove any blockages and to move you from the sympathetic (stressed) to the parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous system.

When the body is relaxed it can heal itself. In addition, we will provide nutritional support to ensure that you feel good, look good and have loads of energy. In some cases we will Allergy Test to determine the underlying cause of life long conditions such as sinus problems, migraines, bad knees etc.

Depending on your condition and your state of health we aim to turn your health around in under 12 weeks – get you fit and healthy and out the door so the next client can get in.