Acupuncture Treatments for Mental Health

Why Acupuncture Treatments are good for your Mental Health

As we are all so busy our sympathetic nervous system tends to be the dominant system in the body, this is the “fight or flight” response. It increases our heart rate, directs blood to our extremities and shuts down our digestive system. 

Cortisol, the bodies stress hormone also elevates which increases blood pressure and suppresses our immune system. Over time, these symptoms become worse and can develop into pain, stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

This disrupts the energy channels in the body and causes blockages of “Qi”, Acupuncture is able to unblock these channels and restore feelings of calm, happiness and a general feeling that “all is good in the world”.

Acupuncture For Anxiety

Acupuncture is an excellent tool to relaxing the nervous system and resetting the body. By balancing the energies acupuncture gets the body into very deep relaxation which resets the body and makes it less anxious.

In addition, nutritional supplementation will be recommended to support the body and deal with any nutritional deficiencies that may cause the anxiety in the first place.

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