Acupuncture for Fertility

Fertility Acupuncture Testimonial
As we are on our last round of IVF and have tried everything else it's amazing all the different things people have tried then we googled acupuncture and the benefits for both mother and baby and decided it was for me.
It was amazing. It was lovely and calm and had a nice warm atmosphere. I am on the fertility roller coaster and this was such a calming experience Rachel was fantastic she called it my spa day to myself...I am so looking forward to the next session would recommend Harmony.


Acupuncture Pre & Post Implantation

Research shows that acupuncture pre and post implantation dramatically increase the chances of a successful implantation. This is because the pre-implantation treatment increases blood flow to the womb which makes the “Oven” very warm and inviting to the embryo. 
In addition, pre-implantation acupuncture ensures that the immune system is completely relaxed so when the embryo is inserted there is less chance of the body’s immune system rejecting or killing off the embryo.

The objective of the post-implantation session is to completely calm the nervous system and reassure it that all is well with the body’s new addition and aid implementation of the new embryo. Auricular Acupuncture is used pre and post to regulate the body’s hormones.

The pulses act as a great indicator to the acupuncturist as to determine how the body is accepting the embryo on the day of implantation.

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